Thursday, 10 May 2012


Many years ago I read an interesting story about the late D. L. Moody witnessing to a well known judge. At first Moody was reluctant to witness to the man, because the judge was highly educated while Moody was an
uneducated shoe clerk. But at the Judge's wife's insistence he finally relented and agrees to visit the judge in his private chamber.

Now the judge was an Unitarian and did not believe in the deity or the atonement of Christ. Mr. Moody entered the judge's inner office and the conversation was brief. Before he left he asked the judge to promise that if he were ever converted to tell him about it.

In less than a years time the judge was saved. Moody found out about it and went back to see the man reminding him of his promise. The judge said, "One night, when my wife was at a prayer meeting, I began to grow uneasy and miserable. I did not know what was the matter with me, but finally I retired before my wife came home. I could not sleep all that night. I got up early, told my wife that I would eat no breakfast and went down to the office. I told the clerks they could take a holiday and shut myself up in
the inner office.

I kept growing more and more miserable, and finally I got down and asked God to forgive me of my sins. But I would not say "for Jesus' sake," for I was an Unitarian and did not believe in the atonement.

I kept praying God forgive my sins, but no answer came. At last in desperation I cried, "O God, for Christ' sake forgive my sins, and I found peace at once."

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