Friday, 28 October 2016

Win at Losing by Sam Weinman

Win at Losing
How Our Biggest Setbacks Can Lead to Our Greatest Gains
by Sam Weinman

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Pub Date 27 Dec 2016

A rousing guide to succeeding from setbacks, with lessons from famous figures who have survived and thrived after enduring legendary defeats.

As an award-winning sports journalist and editor, Sam Weinman has witnessed epic wins and crushing defeats. But when he tried to teach his two sons how to cope with life's inevitable setbacks (lost hockey games, a B on a test), nothing worked. Sam realized our winning-obsessed culture had taught them that losing is unacceptable, even when it's impossible to succeed. So he decided to approach the experts to find out what's driving America's intense fear of failure and how we can bounce back and thrive from life's unavoidable losses.

Win at Losing is an engaging, enlightening guide to surviving and thriving from adversity, using lessons from famous figures who have faced major, very public defeats and emerged stronger and more successful from them. Blending first-hand interviews and advice from pro athletes, business executives, politicians, and Hollywood stars, with expert analysis from leading psychologists and coaches, this motivating book reveals how legendary leaders overcame and even triumphed from loss, humiliation, and rejection--showing how we all can harness the power of failure to achieve what we want in life.

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